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Why It Makes Sense to Go Organic

January 26, 2019 | Mark Food

One of the reasons we launched SKiN&BLiSS back in 2012 was due to some of the horrendous factory environments we had seen whilst working for other comapnies. Surely there must be another way right. Poor working conditions, workers been paid less than a living wage & no organic cotton in sight. This provided more than spark to ensure that SKiN&BLiSS proudly promoted brands like mini rodini & indikidual who not only insist on manufactiriong their garments from organic cotton but also work with partners & factories who sahre their ethos of protecting the enviormnt & ensuring workers receive a living wage & work in good working conditions.

But lets talk about the benefits of using organic cotton. Accoridng to many obersvers including the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD its not simply the cost to the enviroment but a whole host of reasons that make Organic Cotton a better choice.

In the US for example only the production of soy beans & corn use more fertilizer than cotton. Global cotton production releases over 200 million tone of carbon dioxide each year. Clearly a major contributor to the warming of our planet. The volume of water to make one pair of jeans is also staggering. Wait for it....11,000 litres!! Just for one pair of jeans. Then there's the problem of pesticides. One of the major pesticides used in the production of cotton is glyphosphate.  This used in the production of Roundup. Seriously bad news for the environment as it has been found to be a carcinogen. Through farming this pesticide finds its way into the water and the broader envioronment & eventually into the food we eat. 

The farming of Organic Cotton does not use chemicals or pesticides & therefore results in a much cleaner process which is clearly benficial to the environment & to the health of your family. Switching to Organic Cotton Farming results in less soil erosion, less damage to the environment, the reduction of green house gases & less energy used overall. Clearly it makes sense to go organic.

It Makes Sense to go Organic


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