About Us

Made With Love, Passion & Responsibility..

SKiN&BLiSS is a brand new home for kids clothing brands that want to make a difference to the way we live our lives. We search the planet for kid's brands that are made in a sustainable and responsible manner. It may be Monkee Genes or Indikidual made with organic cotton, Hatley Clothing whose products are all PVC free and made with azo-free dyes, our own label that’s made from 100% organic African cotton or Boys & Girls who choose to use organic cotton and organic dying and printing.

In short all the brands we stock are made with love, passion and responsibility.

Meet the Gang...

SKiN&BLiSS are a gang of four. Mark and Casey launched the website in June 2012 and could not have done it without the help of the Amelie & Gracie who head up the creative team. Thanks guys!

Why SKiN&BLiSS you ask? Well, the initial idea of creating a website that championed fair trade and organic production came from Claire and Nicole, two sisters from the East End of London...and cockney rhyming slang for sister? You got it: skin and blister! We liked the sound and play on words of the shortened variation...and so SKiN&BLiSS was born.

After moving out of the big city we found ourselves living in rural Essex. But the grind of commuting and working insane hours for someone else has left us scarred and determined to rebalance our lives. Between both families (and a dog) it was a classic case of trying to establish a sensible work/life balance. As a result, SKiN&BLiSS is not only about finding that balance but it is also about creating something that helps champion ethical trade and green business and it is a passion that we aim to grow over the next few years.

Our Credentials

Being parents themselves, Mark and Casey have developed a passion to find gorgeous clothes made with love, passion and responsibility for their own children. They also have a wealth of experience in the world of e-commerce and fashion and plan to make SKiN&BLiSS a focal point for other parents sharing their passion for clothes made with care and responsibility.


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