About SKiN&BLiSS

SKiN & BLiSS supports kid's clothing brands that are Ethically Sourced. We champion brands like indikidual, popupshop & l'asticot who only use organic cotton and Boys & Girls that are certified Fair Trade & only use organically grown cotton. Better for your little ones, better for the farmers who grow it & the workers who manufacture it. We also look for brands that actually manufacture right here in the UK like Bread & Jam & Pigeon Organics. Having a background in Ethical Sourcing we aim to promote the value of Trading Ethically with our suppliers & help them achieve the high standards as set out by the Ethical Trade Initiative.

We've sourced a fabulous range of kids t-shirts, girls dresses, baby clothes, kids pyjamas, raincoats and more. We believe in sourcing the best possible products for your children, and ours, by offering kids clothes made with love, passion & responsibility. Please join us in making a difference to the way we live our lives as we champion ethical trade and green business. There’s a lot to love, so learn more about SKiN & BLiSS…


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