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What We Believe In

What We Believe In

SKiN&BLiSS | Our Philosophy

We launched SKiN&BLiSS to help promote what we believe in, what we care about, and to help promote issues we are passionate about. Through spreading the word about the positive impact Ethical Trade can have, we believe we will make our planet a better place to live and work. Heavy stuff, we know, but it's that passion that drives us to find great brands that share our values and it is that passion that drives us to deliver a great online experience for you.


So, quite simply, this is what we believe in, what we stand for:

  • We believe that business should be fair and ethical
  • Thats why we only stock brands like Rice from Denmark  | Rice have sustainability running through their DNA
  • We believe small business can have a postive ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT on our planet
  • All our packaging is recycled and anything we can't reuse gets shreaded & ends up in the composter | that's why the worms love SKiN&BLiSS
  • In fact our packaging has been recyclable and compostable, not just recently, but from when we very first launched in 2012
  • Promoting brands that use ORGANIC COTTON & SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING like Bobo Choses, Rice & Mini Rodini are what makes us tick!
  • We work in partnership with the ESSEX WILDLIFE TRUST to ensure we are CARBON NEUTRAL as a business - not in 2050 but NOW!!
  • Donating every month to the Essex Wildlife Trust allows them to carry out great work like planting sea grass which acts as a fantastic tool for carbon capture
  • Rewilding, installing Air Source Heat Pumps, shredding & composting packaging & waste paper all help reduce our carbon foot print
  • We believe in working with suppliers and partners that share our values of fairness, honesty and building businesses that have a sound sense of working ethically. We will build long lasting relationships with our suppliers and our customers through delivering a great customer experience
  • We believe that through spreading the word we can work towards a sweat free world! We can help eliminate child labour, forced overtime, poverty wages, unsafe conditions, harassment of women workers and intimidation of trade unionists
  • We believe in never giving up and taking time out to enjoy the occasional foot massage & creating a fun and inspirational place to work for our SKiN&BLiSS team